The Army x LADbible Group

Choose Your Own Adventure

Many believe they must give up their personality to join The Army.

We were tasked with showing how the Army doesn’t need robots. It requires a team built on difference that thrives as the sum of its unique parts.

So, we transformed our channels into a digital recruitment hub full of diverse content that showed our audience there’s a place for everyone in the Army, whatever your passion or skillset.

Each channel delivered content that reframed Army recruitment for the social media generation – allowing them to see beyond the usual stereotypes and uncover the breadth of skills and personalities a job in the Army can accommodate.

A LADbible Group cross-channel event

Relaxed, candid, honest—these are soldiers like you’ve never seen them before. With their guard down, we asked soldiers the things we’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. ‘Ask a Soldier’ got our soldiers talking about some of the more offbeat realities of a life in uniform.

When you join the Army, you just shave your head, right? Though there are rules on haircuts and attire, they’re not as strict as people think. We took potential new recruits who value their self-expression and cultural identities to get their hair cut according to Army regulations alongside a soldier to see for themselves.

Women have unique job hunting concerns like representation, maternity pay, and support. The Army excels in these areas but does little to talk about them, creating a male-dominated image. We sent a female soldier to ask the public their job aspirations and highlight how the Army could be a great fit for women.

Joining the Army does not mean the end of your sporting aspirations; they are encouraged. Many top athletes compete at the elite levels of their sport while still serving in the Army. The Army rugby team, for example, provides talented individuals with the opportunity to fulfil lifelong ambitions by playing at Twickenham and allowing players to play for Premiership clubs.

The Army offers a whole host of musical careers and, in some cases, is a real trailblazer in its field. Military marching drummers, for example, are the best in the world. Their techniques and rudiments have influenced everything from hip-hop to rock drumming. We invited a rock drummer to test her skills against a military drummer in this fun TikTok challenge that also asked others to try it.

And finally, one last adventure

As a final stunt, we created the World’s Most Remote Recruitment Centre to appeal to our audience’s most adventurous fans. These fans would see the appeal in the outdoorsmanship and adventure opportunities the Army provides.

On top of a remote mountain range in the Cairngorms, we built a temporary office complete with a soldier ready to answer any questions and sign people up for an Army Career—if you could find it.

Teaser Content

First, we teased the recruitment centre on UNILAD Adventure, posting the coordinates of its location in the comments section of the post so the curious and adventurous could seek it out themselves. Would anyone turn up?

Hero Content

As we built the pop-up Army recruitment centre at the top of a mountain, we challenged two adventurous people to find it for our hero video. With just 12 hours to get there from the edge of the Cairngorms, they were joined by Army ‘Adventurous Training’ personnel who would put them through their paces en route.

UGC Capture

Finally, we reported on those who also made the epic trek and identified the location on the side of Cairngorm. They braved the wilderness (and the grim weather that set in on the day) to be greeted by Cpl. Ronald in the pop-up centre.

Creative Director:

Dai Roberts


James Roberts