Sony Playstation x LADbible Group

Playstation 5 Launch: Play Day

The Launch of the PS5 was gaming’s biggest moment in a decade. In 2020, it was also arguably the most significant cultural release that year.

Learning that 1/3 of Brits would consider taking a day off to play their new console, LADbible Group did something we’ve never done before. We launched a nationwide Play Day, giving our 250 staff members a day off to play PS5 and pausing all editorial across our five key brands.

We successfully executed a channel-wide PlayStation blackout, taking the industry, competitors and the whole of the internet by surprise.

We knew that 1/3 of Brits would consider taking a day off to play their new console
We figured, that also extended to everyone at LADbible group, all trying their best to take the day off and play PS5 instead.
So we gave everyone a play day!
Over 250 of our UK staff got a day off. We posted some reactions, as we paused all our usual editorial.
We created a total blackout across our channels. Replacing our usual articles, posts and display units with over 40 pieces of original content
We knew demand for the PS5 would be high. So to make sure everyone got that launch day experience, we broadcast our in-house talent Joe Gilmore's play day live across our channels.
We created a unique and totally unexpected media event. Making the year's biggest cultural event truly unmissable.