Brew City x SPORTbible

The European Social

Brew City Bar Snacks are the perfect partner to a good cold beer whilst watching the match with mates. Euro 2020 provided the ideal opportunity to leverage this position.

However, it would mean doing so without being an official sponsor and taking on the takeaway industry, which invested heavily in tournament sponsorship.

We created The European Social, a second Euros-centric season of our social-first sports show, hosted by YouTube sensation and SPORTbible favourite JaackMaate.

Scouring our own Facebook comment sections throughout the tournament to set the agenda. Each episode invited football legends to sit alongside actual SPORTbible audience members to discuss how the home country teams can ‘Raise their Game’ all whilst enjoying Brew City snacks.

Note: This is our award-winning second season of The social

Facebook Premiere content

Euro 2020 didn't go to plan in a number of ways...

Firstly, it was delayed a year to 2021 due to COVID. Secondly, England getting to the final really made many believe football was ‘coming home’ only for Italy to take the prize. Thankfully Brew City and SPORTbible were on-hand throughout to provide the light-hearted view of the tournament.

Episode 1

Joe Cole

Joe Cole explains why Frank Lampard is better than Gerrard and Scholes, and reveals which young England player he's looking forward to watching this summer βš½οΈπŸ€”

Episode 2

Ally McCoist

Ally McCoist predicts a 1-1 for England Vs. Scotland game and worries Grealish won’t raise his game. He also explains why Bale, Giggs nor Gazza are the best players to come out of the UK... 😱⚽️

Episode 3

Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo Akinfenwa says he’s ready to put Sergio Ramos in a headlock and settles the Harry Kane debate once and for all 😱⚽️

Episode 4

David James

David James sheds light on his 'interesting' relationship with Gary Neville and reveals who would win in a Jordan Pickford πŸ†š Logan Paul boxing match πŸ‘€πŸ₯Š

Episode 5

Paul Gascoigne

Gazza is here and boy does he have some stories to tell πŸ˜‚
Is it coming home? πŸ†, The dentist chair πŸ’¦, Vinnie Jones πŸ₯œ, Giving the ref a yellow card 🟨

Social Cut-downs

Keeping hot takes bubbling throughout the tournament

Big, live shows are exciting, but the real magic was how we cut them down into shorter formats across Twitter, Instagram and Instagram Stories to stir the tournament hype even further. We made the hottest takes even bigger talking points by using them in cutdowns to sustain the conversation throughout the tournament between shows.

Instagram Reels

The hottest take of the week that spoke directly to the action happening in the Euros that day was condensed down into Insta Reels.

Twitter posts

The most time-appropriate topics went to Twitter in 1-minute cutdowns adding to the pre-match hype SPORTbible was already building editorially.


Our audience loves to share their opinions too whilst interacting with our content, so we gamified some of the cutdowns on Instagram Stories to give them a say. Quiz stickers asked the audience to respond to the hottest takes from our contributors, helping gauge the nation’s temperature before every big game.