Battersea x LADbible Group

Wear Blue For Rescue

There’s a common misconception that all rescue animals have behaviour issues, but the truth is that 1-in-4 UK pets come from rescue homes. That’s why Battersea created the ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’ movement, to celebrate how rescue pets provide all the love, joy, and companionship you’d expect from any trendy ‘designer’ pet breed.

Tasked to bring fame to the movement and champion Battersea’s ‘Wear Blue for Rescue’ clothing range, we hijacked London Fashion Week. With stunts celebrating rescue dogs and cats, they became the city’s hottest trend as they modelled the new range alongside their owners.

Across a series of stunts and LADbible content, we proved why rescues should be the trend on every pet owner’s radar. Utilising dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, giving them the main stage on an international level to unapologetically be themselves, we showed off their unique quirks, charisma and personalities.

We invited a host of Fashionistas to a secret runway show

Thinking they were going to a show called 'Wear Blue' and they were going to see fashion 'change for the better' we revealed our rescue runway - making Wear Blue for Rescue the talk of the town.

A Final surprise

Finally, we let some Battersea rescue dogs gatecrash our own content. We had Tom Hardy in our studio to promote his new movie ‘Venom 2: Let there be Carnage’ and knowing his love for Battersea we had some dogs come in to ask him his junket questions.