Brew City x SPORTbible

The Social

Brew City tasked us with creating awareness of the brand and aligning the brand’s key messaging of ‘Raise Your Game’ with sporting occasions and conversations.

Where sports fans weren’t allowed to go to the games during lockdown, we brought them The Social. A weekly sports magazine show where YouTuber, podcaster and football fan JaackMaate invited a sporting legend to discuss the week’s biggest talking points on SPORTbible. Giving everyone that pitchside banter they’d been missing from live sport, they decided who needed to raise their game – with Brew City providing the snacks.

Using our audience’s posts and comments to set the agenda. Our guests were invited to raise their own game and have their say on SPORTbible’s hottest topics. We even invited top fans from our audience to appear on the show and deliver their hot takes in person.

The show’s tone was the living embodiment of SportBible. Encapsulating the buzz and banter surrounding the game – not just the game itself – amongst mates and online.

Facebook Premiere content

Keeping on top of the hottest topics

Every episode was shot 'as live' in the studio with the camera cuts and screen graphics done live in-gallery. Allowing us to take on the latest topics of the week in sport and putting it out on Facebook Premiere the next day.

Episode 1

Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy Bullard gets ripped by a Man United fan and goes in on pay-per-view, that awkward Duncan Ferguson moment and Tottenham bottling it.

Episode 2

Jade Jones

"It's impressive but Khabib's had 29 fights in his career - I've had about 29 fights in a month!" This week 2x Gold Medal Winner Jade Jones compares her fight schedule to Khabib's and owns a Twitter troll who thinks Taekwondo isn't a real fighting sport.

Episode 3

Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara reveals why he was unhappy with the Soccer Saturday shake-up and says Salah’s “exaggerated falls” wouldn’t have happened when he was playing in this week's episode.

Episode 4

James Haskell

This week England Rugby Star James Haskell Rips Into Football. He says VAR in football is "toilet" and that he's sick of hearing about "muppet" Paul Pogba.

Episode 5

Eddie Hearn

This week saw Eddie Hearn say Fury vs Joshua "will happen" and he tells the hilarious story about how No Context Hearn started.

Episode 6

Micah Richards

Micah Richards admits he loves to 'wind up' Roy Keane, why Villa fans hate him and how he once 'cracked' someone in the tunnel, in this week's episode.

Episode 7

Joe Hart

This week, Joe Hart argues Messi is better than Ronaldo and why he doesn't regret pulling faces at Andrea Pirlo before THAT panenka.

Social Cut-downs

The real magic was in the cutdowns

Big, live, long-form shows are great and exciting, but the real magic was how we cut it down into shorter formats across Twitter, Instagram and Instagram Stories to stir the conversation further. Making the hottest takes even bigger talking points and sustaining the conversation throughout the week between shows.

Instagram posts

We took the hottest takes and put them out as 1-minute bites.

Twitter posts

The most time-appropriate topics went to Twitter in 1-minute cutdowns.

Instagram Carousels

Towards the end of the week, we’d package up the biggest topics in a bite-sized carousel post.

Media Coverage

We made some headlines!

You know your chat show is going well when it catches the attention of other publishers looking to use our chats for their column inches.