Free Range Cider

The relaunch of Addlestones – a craft cider that’s twice-fermented and unfiltered. Unlike mass-produced cider, which is overly-processed, Addlestones leaves in all the good stuff for an authentic, full-bodied taste.

‘Free Range Cider’ reflects the ethos of Addlestones. Borrowing all the associations with the world of foodies and farmers markets. It also reflects our target audience’s attitude to life – roaming free and constantly exploring.

poster mockup ad

In today’s world of the overly processed and the mass-produced, Addlestones is different.

Behind the Scenes

Making the brand video

The brand video at the top of the page was done in a single shot, with a 360° camera head on a track. Every frame was controlled by 4 people, controlling the rotation, the height of the camera, the movement and the focus. Here’s how we filmed it coupled with my very first rough plan of the video, which is how we sold the idea to the client.