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Have you heard about June?

A campaign to introduce the UK to 1920’s murder mystery/hidden object mobile game June’s Journey. Targeting the fastest growing mobile gaming audience; women 30+. We built a campaign around the insight that this game is used as a touch of escapism, in the same way as a schlocky novel or gossip magazine.

Starring some peripheral characters in the game’s world, who’ve all got some gossip on our protagonist June Parker – a mysterious amateur sleuth on the case of her sister’s murder. We played with the idea that our audience can’t bear to hear only part of the gossip. These short films are your first glimpse into the story, piquing your interest. Have you heard about June?

Supporting content

Meet the Characters

Hot on the heels of the hero video, we posted individual shorts that talked more about the mysterious June and our character’s interactions with this international woman of mystery.

Cuban High Roller

Señor Ernesto Perez

A slick, uber-smooth Cuban American high-stakes poker player with more than one eye for the ladies. Ernesto has always had a crush on June and wrongly believes the feeling is mutual.

Parisian Chambermaid

Lucille Dubois

Her sweet French accent and vulnerable nature will melt hearts, but she's a bit of a voyeur deep down and gets a thrill out of being in the midst of such a wild mystery.

Newspaper Reporter

Tony Toledo

Never afraid to speak his mind, Tony’s a fast-talking Newspaper reporter who knows the word on the street. The oldest character in the film, he’s lived a good, hard life keeping one step ahead of the biggest scoops. But now he’s older and in a desk job, he’s finding his men are getting the run around from a young upstart who’s always one step ahead of the Orchid Island mystery.

June’s Milliner

Jocelyn Pilgrim Browne

Orchid Island socialite and Milliner, Jocelyn has known June a long time. There’s maybe a sense of jealousy with her surrounding June as she contemplates her youthful good looks. She can’t wait to give you her side of the story that is unfolding.