Visit Britain x UNILAD

This is a Microgap

Gap years for most of us are an aspirational undertaking. We dream of them on social, but the financial squeeze of modern life, coupled with a fear of risking career progression, means it’s something we don’t ever do.

Visit Britain’s solution was Microgapping. Packing the very best bits of a gap year into a few days. Right here in the UK.

We found a group of hardworking young professionals with a gap in their busy schedules and tasked them with making the best of their short time off in a Microgap challenge.

We watched them defy their own expectations and learn just how much the UK has to offer those seeking to broaden their horizons. Experiencing our small island’s diversity and culture on a short, attainable break that suited their needs.


The Cairngorms

We took Dan and Ash, two complete strangers – both city-bound with hectic jobs that don’t allow many adventure opportunities – on a GO WILD Microgap. They discovered they were camping in a Mongolian yurt and going llama trekking, river tubing, axe throwing and bungee jumping. Before learning it was all happening in The Cairngorms, here in the UK.



We paired up Toby and Chantelle, two strangers wanting to tap back into the creative side that their long working hours had put on the back-burner and went on a LEARN MORE Microgap. They discovered they were staying in a Hobbit Hut and going blacksmithing, printmaking and cooking outdoors. Before learning it was all happening in Herefordshire, here in the UK.


Brecon Beacons

We took Mitch and Becky – a couple who want to positively impact the world when they’re able to get away – on a GIVE BACK Microgap. They discovered they were going on a green road trip to stay in a geodome, go piggy walking, visit a geopark, and participate in bird Conservation. Before learning it was all happening in the Brecon Beacons, here in the UK.



We took Amel and Talulah-Eve – two high-flying city girls and best friends who’ve found life and work is getting in the way of their friendship – on a SWITCH OFF getaway. They learned they would stay in a bubble house, go on an outdoor spa trail, do some meditation, kayaking and fishing. Before learning it was all happening in Enniskillen, here in the UK.

Interactive content

Decide our Journey: Microgap Edition


We love engaging with our community and putting the power of choice in their hands. Decide Our Journey is a UNILAD Adventure Instagram Story posted on location, which allows our audience to lead the way.

We created a Microgap edition fronted by Henrie Kwushue, who was tasked with going on a Microgap Adventure around London dictated by our audience.

We gave our audience the option to choose from 2 activities at each step before inviting them to share Henrie’s experiences as the winning activities of her Microgap unfolded.

Supporting content

Hidden Gems on UNILAD Adventure

Whilst shooting the hero videos, we shot additional footage to feature the locations on UNILAD Adventures’ popular ongoing format Hidden Gems. Usually reserved for far-flung locations, we show a different side to some of the world’s most popular places. However, this time, we used it to re-appraise what the UK has to offer in places you thought you knew.

Interactive content

Having shown these hidden gems the UK has to offer, we asked the audience which they’d prefer. Special Microgap editions of ‘Build Your Own Adventure’, our popular IG Story format, put activities to the vote, revealing which Microgap you needed in your life.